World’s leading NGOs

    How do you find one of the world’s best NGOs on your own among all the more than 10000 NGOs worldwide? How do you reduce the risk of ending up at NGOs where the money goes into their own pocket or where they send the animals to an animal park to be shot. A lot of research and information gathering is important before you decide to be a volunteer at an NGO or do an internship.

    It is quite simple

    I look into the NGOs for you, to save you time so that you will have more time to plan and feel more safe in your choice. I vouch for the NGOs you will find here on the site. The first 6 months after I have established contact with an NGO, I spend looking into them before I travel there. After my stay there, 5 years will pass before I visit them again to check if they live up to my standards.


    I am in contact with another NGO

    If you would like to go out on your own, there are these 5 easy, but important steps, which I believe you can do on your own. It is important to use your common sense through these 5 steps.

    1. Network with other people who have volunteered or done an internship with the NGO you are looking into or some other organizations that know about this particular NGO.
    2. Look through their website and social media for pictures where people, for instance, are bottle feeding a wild animal or taking selfies with the animal. This signals to the world that it is okay to be close to wild animals where people cross the line for their own needs.
    3. Google the NGO – Check the animals they are working with and read about the NGO.
    4. Does the NGO live up to the standards of Serve Global Wildlife. Some NGOs cannot live up to all standards and the ones they cannot live up to, I recommend that you ask them about.
    5. Write down at least 10 questions for the NGO when you talk to them on Skype.

    • Good working conditions for volunteers
    • Animal welfare is a top priority
    • Sustainability
    • Good local community
    • High level of service
    • English at a medium level
    • Don’t waste food
    • Handle their waste carefully
    • Minimum 10 volunteers a year
    • Minimum 5 employees
    • Permanent employee who is affiliated with the volunteers
    • Collaborate with a veterinarian
    • Existed at least 5 years
    • Stress policy around the animals
    • Activity plan for the animals
    • Have released at least 2 animals
    • Guidelines for how close one should get to the wild animals, the time spend near them, who gets close and handles the animals
    • Focused work efforts for better terms in natural habitats to avoid having too many animals at the organization’s centre
    • Care Management Plan for humanitarian work
    • Have a value base on which they work
    • Their mission is to rescue and release wild animals in their natural habitats and provide them with a better future away from people
    • Live up to Serve Global Wildlife’s mission
    • Target their money and the excess money on wild animals and nature
    • Transparency where the money is used
    • Show economic stability in the company’s lifespan

    Here are a few of the NGOs I vouch for

    If you are in doubt, look at their website as a guide in your own researc

    Anything else I need to research?

    Yes, there is. If there are more points or if you want these 5 steps elaborated, they will be available if you have a membership, which will be available in December or January. In the near future, I will make other blog posts about how you find one the world’s leading NGOs.

    If you would like me to look at the NGO, which you are looking into and the information you have found, you are more than welcome to contact me on phone 004542170029 or email, or fill out the contact form here.

    I hope this blog post was helpful for you to plan your next trip to an NGO and I would appreciate if you would share, like or write a comment.

    Thank you for your precious time and have an inspiring day 🙂

    All the best,
    Tanja Andersen

    C.E.O. and Founder
    Serve Global Wildlife / Serve Animals / Wildlife Footprints

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