Our mission and vision

Updated on 03.06.2020


We will train private individuals and NGOs to “be what you preach” and work together on behalf of nature and raise awareness of the fragility of nature as well as increase the potential conservation about biodiversity.

We are committed to grow our own knowledge base rapidly while at the same time learning from others.


“Serve” in “Serve Global Wildlife” indicates that humanity has a duty to serve wildlife and nature, and through active support and support ensure that biodiversity and natural habitats are affected as little as possible by human presence.


Background: There are habitats that can withstand the presence of humans. We have a responsibly however to ensure that our impact on nature is minimal. This applies not only to tourism and direct visits, but to maintaining sustainable behavior in terms of consumption of products coming from fragile environments.


Our vision is a world where we live in symbiosis with wild animals and nature, where we as a community reduce the threat of more endangered species, reduce unnecessary burdens on nature and work to try to be a benefit to species other than ourselves.