Where we work

Updated on 21.10.2019

Our NGO partners are located in several different countries, and we conduct some of our work at their locations. From our head quitters in Denmark, we assist our partners when they need a hand, even when we are not at their location. We will keep you updated on our work with our NGO partners and the work they are doing via our new webpage and our newsletter.

Our Locations


  • Removing plastic waste throughout danish forests and on the beaches
  • Activist fighting for better animal rights for Danish agricultural animals, through a new political party hoping to earn a place in parliament, Veganerpartiet

Optimization and retaining of volunteer involvement

A tool to optimize and maintain volunteer engagement

Dear you,

My name is Tanja Andersen, I am 32 years old and a volunteer HR consultant for NGOs voluntary security expert and founder of the charity, www.serveglobalwildlife.org (SGW). SGW is a platform where you can find transparent and credible information about the world’s leading NGOs, volunteer life, wildlife, climate and environment and tourism.

The tool is a report that I prepare after spending time with the NGO in question. The report ensures that the volunteer is taken care of optimally, both before, during and after staying with an NGO.

The concept will help the NGO to reduce voluntary labor losses when volunteers return to their everyday lives, through idea development as well as a support program for volunteers.

The purpose is that more volunteers and sponsors choose the NGOs concerned with their time and money, and more people make the choice to volunteer and be trained to be ambassadors of the future.

In addition, the report helps NGOs support the UN’s goals and gives credibility to their future volunteers and sponsors.

I am to have as little expense as possible, to work abroad and to use my network when it gets to busy around me. I am currently selling my possessions in Denmark as “free” as possible. The donations will enable me to prepare the report for the various NGOs and thereby raise awareness of SGW.