Where we work

Updated on 03.06.2020

We operate in different countries and our base is located in Denmark. Most of our work takes place online, and we also travel once a year to learn more about the work of our NGO partners, help them and meet new people who will strengthen Serve Global Wildlife Academy. We will keep you updated with our work on our YouTube Channel.

A matter of the heart


We inspire and motivate Danes to pick up plastic on the beach before it ends up in the ocean, before it damages an animal in the woods, and also trash in certain areas during events. We bring up this problem with responsibility, rather than turning a blind eye to it. Possibilities are many to pick up trash, also if you have forgotten the bucket bag.

We volunteer at the Danish Vegan Party (Veganerpartiet). Veganerpartiet is a political party in Denmark, where words are aligned to actions. The core areas of the Danish Vegan Party are: animal rights, health and climate and environment. Fundamental core values, because we humans can promote health and regain the balance between humans and nature. EVERYTHING goes in circles; rainforest is cut down in order to plane soy to feed Danish pigs. Habitats are destroyed, this causes animals to suffer and eliminates endangered species from the face of the earth.


We do authentic and transparent fundraising for PARROTS in ARCAS. The non-governmental organization ARCAS in Flores, receives many birds form the illegal animal trade, injured birds found in nature and from the illegal capture of birds. ARCAS fights for giving back the birds, and other animals in the organization their right, which is setting them free again in wild nature, where they belong or a better life in ARCAS. Why parrots? Because parrots are a matter of the heat in ARCAS’ work.