What organizations believe you get out of volunteering!

    I has asked a number of organizations about the benefits of volunteering from a career perspective. Below you can read about how volunteering can boost your CV and what experience and development you will encounter. I asked three questions to 52 organizations and the answers are bundled below. Happy reading

    “Don’t give up on your dream, trust your gut feeling and go for it! Have courage, be bold and leave your comfort zone!

    Go where you’ve never gone before, try new avenues, take chances – don’t be afraid! See it as a learning curve, all part of your life experience that will help you grow and mature as a human being and make you strong and independent. It will teach you who you really are and what you’re made of. You will certainly find out if this is the right path for you and if you are passionate enough about it that you are willing to give all it takes to make it happen. Cause if you’re not, well … you might want to rethink your plan. It is damn hard work and you need to be willing to put in the hours.”

    Here are the results from the various questions:

    1. What do you think about voluntary conservation work abroad?

    • It is a positive experience from abroad
    • It looks impressive
    • It is a lot of work/a great commitment – very demanding.
    • It shows maturity and drive
    • Being a volunteer and also doing an internship are great ways to show that you are committed to a cause and/or your career

    2. Is it a good idea to get experience from abroad, and if so, what sort of experience?

    • Work with organizations with a great reputation within the industry
    • Any (legal) wildlife rehab experiences add value
    • Always a plus
    • Focus on your specific areas of interest, preferred species, etc.
    • Experience mainly relevant to your specific field of interest is particularly good/useful – for some places this is an absolute must
    • It is good because it makes you more mature and more complete both as a person and a professional
    • It is an advantage because you get more practical experience
    • Some answered that working abroad did not add to/have any influence on an applicant’s chances.

    3. Is it easier to get a job with you after voluntary work in a specific animal domain?

    • Not necessarily
    • For some places this makes no determining difference at all
    • Yes, dedicating yourself to voluntary work shows commitment and willingness to work hard for a cause and for the advance of your career
    • Yes, because you show great drive and willingness to work for your dream
    • Yes, because then you gain more experience/are more experienced as a result
    • Some answered that voluntary work did not better your chances of being considered for a job

    “I would like to thank the organizations for their help in answering the questions. Sharing your knowledge helps new/future volunteers on their way 🙂 Please sharing, like or follow this website to stay updated for all activities. You can also come and visit my new YouTube channel and subscribe, to follow me on my journey to Serve Global Wildlife.”