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Updated on 02.09.2019

Research shows that volunteers want more transparency before they choose which NGO to work for. They do not wish to be cheated or disappointed.

Our role

Is to be a source of honesty and show the ‘reality behind the image’ during every step of our work. Every private person, company and sponsor has the right to receive documented and quantified information about NGOs. We believe that we can best protect our countries, our waters and other natural resources via transparency. We believe they go we hand in hand.

Our goal

  • Is to supply the best volunteers to our NGO partners
  • Is to create transparency about NGOs
  • Is to insure sustainable financing

“Knowledge is both strong and uniting when we choose to cooperate together honestly and with transparency”

Our solutions

  • Provide a concept, which optimize and maintain the commitment of our volunteers

The Concept

We travel to the NGOs as volunteer HR consultant for the NGOs and we are security experts on the volunteer activities. We will offer a concept, that will optimize and maintain the commitment of the volunteers, produce a report by the end of the visit, which will diminish the loss of volunteer labor, when they go back to their daily life, through idea generation and a support program for the volunteers. In that way, the NGO will be able to call on the volunteer’s assistance for much longer than during the actual stay.

The concept will not interfere with the NGOs collaboration with any bureau that sends volunteers to work with the NGO. We work with the organizations on location.

What can you do?


I am writing because I would like to come down to you“: A video by our founder, Tanja Andersen, where she explains that she will make video emails in the future, and that the funds generated will go to the animals. She got back over 20 emails from NGOs that wanted to reach out to SGW.

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