The ghosts within our prison of pain

Animals are the ghosts trapped within our prison of pain

Our days fly by quickly, and there will NEVER be an exact ‘right’ time to make changes in your life. Perhaps you are engaged in an internal struggle AT THIS VERY MOMENT, or you may be facing challenges that you have yet to recognize within yourself. It is up to you to take charge of your life and ‘catch the train’ of your own life and live a more thoughtful and compassionate life before the opportunity passes you by. You have a chance to make choices that will separate you from those who thoughtlessly mistreat animals.

Tanja Andersen, the founder of Serve Global Wildlife, has sometimes ‘missed her own train’. Her personal pain left her powerless to help those she loved, her pets and her family. She saw cruelty to animals happening right in front of her, and still made bad choices. Why did she not slam her fist down and say, “Stop!”? The answer is simply that Tanja’s life has not been easy, she has often felt like a ghost in her own life, stuck inside her own pain. She felt a sense of safety inside that pain and had a lot of difficulty finding herself.

The road is difficult, but it CAN be done

Tanja knows how difficult it can be to see the light when locked inside their prison of pain. It took a long time for her to free herself, accept her choices and the things she had done and learn truly love herself and the things she believes in. In the past, she would buy food without a thought to the effect it may be having on animals. She just grabbed inexpensive meat and dressed in fur, leather and wool. She didn’t realize that she was actually hurting herself, because she instinctively knew that you tacitly ‘support what you buy’. Her poor choices were the cause of internal guilt and shame.

She never gave up on her life’s true purpose, treating others as she herself would wish to be treated, because she KNEW that her choices could actually hurt or even kill others, both people and animals. Today, she has come out on the other side of her pain, armed with wisdom that she hopes will inspire others to take a look at their choices and actions.

“If you yourself are one of the living dead, how can you rescue another living being?”

We all are responsible for global warming

Neither human beings nor animals choose to suffer and die due to our selfish demands like, “we want REAL meat” and other products and brands made at the cost of both. Animals live like ghosts in our live. We humans are often the same, living like ghosts, never taking personal responsibility. Animals, nature and the environment are not forefront in our minds and are too often forgotten in our bustle and our greed. Each of us is responsible for global warming – some more than others, of course – but we all share the responsibility to GIVE BACK.

Some things we ALL can do are:

  • Be extra aware of the choices we make
  • Live values-based lives. “I choose to be, fair, firm, loving and action-oriented”
  • To have our work and private lives reflect our values
  • Put ourselves in the place of the animals by trying to imagine their lives in zoos, slaughterhouses and the natural world

Decide now if you will be part of the problem or part of the solution. Help stop brutal cruelty towards animals. Get involved!