The Concept

Updated on 19.01.2020

Our most important goal is to create a foundation by 2022, which will create financial stability for our NGO partner. Preserve large forest areas, establish conservation activities for animals and establish a training, which creates the future’s ambassadors, who actively acts as responsible tourists.


Through a partnership with Serve Global Wildlife, we offer you our concept, that will optimize and maintain engagement from your volunteer’s, produce a report by the end of the visit, that will reduce loss of your volunteer manpower, once they return to their everyday life, through idea development and a support program for the volunteers. We are security experts regarding life as a volunteer and we offer our selves as your volunteer HR consultant.

More and more volunteers and sponsors look for transparency before choosing to support an NGO, and this report will provide exactly that.

The concept will not interfere with your collaboration with bureaus, that sends volunteers to work with you. We work at your location, with what we see and with the future structures for keeping and maintain long term volunteer manpower.

IMPORTANT: Our concept description will be translated by the end of April, 2020.

The picture illustrates our work and activity concept in Serve Global Wildlife, which we offer to the NGO that wish to create a partnership and want us to visit them.

What do we offer through our concept?

We see possibilities, think outside the box and we are creative when it comes to finding solutions to any given challenge. If you are looking for something specific, that will benefit your work, we invite you to share it with us, so that together we can create the solution. We have created different results for our NGO partners, which you can see below.

  • Reports
  • Solutions to a given challenge
  • Project idea catalogue
  • Creation of volunteer projects
  • Press releases
  • Interviews
  • Questionnaires
  • Fundraising
  • Teambuilding
  • Workshops
  • Brainstorming
  • Idea development
  • Game plan
  • Training of taking responsibility
  • Mentoring dialogues
  • Open the mind for possibilities
  • Observation
  • Manuals of enrichment and activation
  • Transmit NGO projects
  • Refer volunteers to the NGO
  • Graphical pictures
  • Competitions
  • Vlog – Personal videos
  • Authentic video marketing
  • Storytelling through a diary
  • Posting content on social media
  • Communicate facts about animals
  • Facebook albums
  • Facebook adds
  • Advertiser on the Serve Global Wildlife Facebook page
  • Creation of news letters
  • Targeted #hashtag

The Report

The report will provide information in the areas of: organization, animal rights, life as a volunteer, willingness to cooperate and overall personal impression. The report is a pdf file, that you will receive after our visit and you will have access here on the your own Serve Global Wildlife page. Furthermore, we will provide videos for the report.

Do you wish to see how your organization’s own page can look like here on Serve Global Wildlife? Click here!

IMPORTANT: Two reports are being developed. They will be finished in April, 2020.

Examples of videos

What is the next step?

The next step would be to contact us, through filling in the contact form. Before visiting you, we need to apply for sponsorships, in order to cover our charity, our visit and the actual work, since there are no earnings involved for these trips. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone +45 42170029 or send an email to

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