Fundamental standards

    Updated on 16.02.2020

    It is not legal to exploit children, why is it so with animals? We at Serve Global Wildlife serve the animals and we expect our employee and partner to emphasize the value of “serving the animals” HIGH and open to a greener transition. We see our standards are a basic way of life of compassion and we act as it is an EMERGENCY.

    We want to keep our standards up to date and we are committed to growing out of experience and are happy to receive feedback. If you would like to help us elucidate important details, please contact us

    ”The clearer we are on our standards, the better we can help animals target better rights and make our work easier”



    • Be brave to be truthful for information that is passed on.
    • Knowing we need everyone and competitors is not in our mindsets.
    • The work is transparent with a high priority of authenticity, rather than making money.
    • Personal responsibility is taken for selfish needs and changed to a greener transition.
    • Have a need to grow together and inspire you to aim for new heights.
    • A collaborative expectation mood is drawn up, is public and the reason for the closure.
    • Talk with powerful communication and acceptance for diversity.
    • Have the unity to be able to acknowledge their own mistakes and forgive.
    • Only qualified partners are recommended in between.
    • At a physical meeting, everything is vegan.
    • Make the promise to serve the animals:
      • I promise to be the change I want to see (practice what you preach).
      • I promise to investigate how harmful my habits are and be prepared to sacrifice them.
      • I promise to speak my mind aloud when suffering happens to the animals.
      • I promise to say no to buying items made from animals.
      • I promise to say no to products that have palm oil in it.
      • I promise to reduce my plastic consumption significantly.
      • I promise to choose products that are subtitled on animals.
      • I promise to say no to animal shows, circus, zoos and touch a wild animal.
      • I promise to stop taking a selfie with a wild animal and delete the ones I’ve posted.
      • I promise to see the animals as victims of human power abuse.
      • I promise to read about the biology and natural behavior of wild animals before experiencing them in their natural habitat, which I pledge to protect.
      • I promise to keep away from a wild animal, consider it at a distance and with a low voice.
      • I promise to gather information about my holidays and go for hotels that preserve nature.
      • I promise to give the animal to the boarding school a second chance if I want a new family member.
      • I promise to change my diet and become vegan.

    Serve Global Wildlife Animal Welfare Act

    For all wildlife, pets and production animals

    • The right to have their rights together and live on an equal footing as a human being.
    • Right to have the opportunity to seek away from man.
    • The right to have the freedom to be out of reach of man.
    • The right to choose to come to man himself and be touched.
    • Right to be with species companions and other animals.
    • Right to move freely, to practice natural behavior and to be free.
    • Right to have adequate food, water, rest and shelter.
    • Right to have security behind protected walls and outdoors.
    • The right to be in its natural habitat and to have its habitat protected.
    • The right to choose for themselves in the mating session, to be mated by the trap of the species, without human interference.
    • The right to be with his newborn baby until the baby leaves the mother based on natural behavior.
    • Right to get a defender if it gets involved or does damage, who is charged with a criminal offense. Every animal is seen to be innocent and a victim of human influence.
    • Right to be seen that they can feel: fear, sadness, joy, surprise, disgust and anger.