Standards of cooperation

The foundations for a healthy cooperation
Updated on 21.10.2019

We work solely for the rights of wild animals and seek to serve their welfare through our standards. We accept that our high standards may discourage a potential sponsor or business partner. We consider that an acceptable loss, as we expect our partners to value our mandate ‘to serve’ and be willing to make the changes to their organization that serve animals in the wild and in our partner’s private lives.

Dos and Don’ts for cooperating with Serve Global Wildlife

We continuously update our standards and we are committed to learning from experience and are always open to feedback. If you would like to assist us in our efforts, please contact us at Thank you.

Some of the standards listed are specific to NGOs, organizations, companies and sponsors. There are also personal standards to be met. One’s actions in their private life reveals much about whether or not they will be able to live up to our professional standards.


  • Before entering into any cooperation, a written agreement is drawn up which clearly delineates the expectations and responsibilities of both parties
  • All of our agreements are public, including any information about why we may have ended our cooperation. Should our cooperation end for any reason, professional courtesy and respect is expected from both parties
  • Shared values including: Justice, service, honesty and transparency
  • We work for the well-being of wild animals, and our collaborators must of course agree with this purpose
  • The willingness to accommodate our differences and accept, acknowledge and forgive mistakes
  • Recognition of the right to free expression
  • Recommending only qualified partners to SWG
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own needs and expectations and not expecting SGW ‘guess’ them
  • When disagreements arise, both partners shall have the will to resolve the conflict or work to find a new solution together
  • A willingness and commitment to grow with the other partner. SGW is always open to considering opportunities, and has the courage to take and give feedback and grow with new knowledge
  • The passion to help each other
  • Inspire each other to aim for new heights
  • Understanding that any meeting with SGW will occur without animal products being used
  • (For NGOs) Reaching for and sharing the same goals, and assisting each other as we work together toward our vision
  • (For NGOs that use volunteers) Willing to allow SGW to visit and report on their compliance to our standards for conditions for volunteers and animal welfare, after which they will receive a certificate
  • (For businesses) Payment is only made when a task has been completed to our satisfaction
  • (For organization and companies) You promise:
    • I promise to separate myself completely from those that purchase or use items made from endangered animals
    • I promise to never eat endangered animals
    • I promise to never buy items made from endangered animals
    • I promise to never keep an endangered animal as a pet or hunt them
    • I promise to serve the wild animals of the world
  • (Private life) Researching the history, health and suitability of any new pet. What is best for the animal and are you ready for the responsibilities that a new pet entails?
  • (Private life) Have at least one meat free day a week.

“The clearer we are about our standards, the easier our work becomes and the better we can target our efforts to help animals”


  • DO NOT ask SGW for money
  • Seek funds or other considerations on our behalf without prior agreement with SGW
  • Use threats or any type of derogatory communication
  • Use slavery, oppression or any type of forced labor.
  • Get involved in religion or politics
  • Break promises
  • If you are found to be in violation of our standards and values, we will end our cooperation with you immediately following an exit interview
  • (For potential sponsors) If you work with fur, wool, angora, leather, barge oil, oil platforms on the sea, transport companies using land animals, hunting groups that hunt endangered animals or catering companies whose meat comes from animals that are caged until they are slaughtered, you are only eligible for our bronze package