Sponsor Yookster

Updated on 10.12.2019

A little about Yookster

The Story of Yookster (Yookster is part of Fredskov Medier) is an art project by Martin Fredskov. All about finding happiness in the small moments of life, those easily overlooked. The The art is easily recognized by strong colours, a whimsical setting and a child friendly universe.

A lot of the art is strongly inspired by nature, and all of their products keep sustainability at a high priority, making sure that paper used for prints has a number of EU markings.

Visit Yookster at www.yookster.com

What does Yookster donate to SGW?

  • Creates drawings based on our visual needs
  • Helps design and update our website
  • Crop and assemble our images
  • Advice and support for our work and our future

What does SGW give Yookster?

  • Recognition as one of sponsors on their website – they want to be recognized as a green business
  • Inspiration for their work
  • Links to their website