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What she do well

  • Take academic theories and create models/tools to bring those theories to life. I make them operational. I don’t create my own theories, but I find the link to everyday life for the leaders and the employees. What should I, as a leader, specifically do or say? Inspiration is great, but it’s not worth a whole lot if you don’t apply it.
  • I teach academic theory in way that makes it easy to understand, and I always create supporting materials that will show you how to apply a theory in the real world.
  • I try to avoid PowerPoint presentations as they often reduce the focus of the reader. I teach with flip charts, colored cards and other media. I can do full day workshops without using PowerPoint. Participants always compliment me for that.
  • Most of my material and theory is about behavioral changes. I believe that value is only created for you if you feel that change is possible and fairly easy. I cannot change your behavior, but I can do a lot to make it much easier for you to change. That is the philosophy behind my online products and the way I teach.
  • I give space to all kinds of people, beliefs and opinions and I want sincerely want the best to happen for you

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  • Link to website
  • Serve Global Wildlife’s founder Tanja Andersen tells her personal stories about the insights and knowledge she has gained from working with Lead inspire and how putting that knowledge into practice has helped progress in her own life.