Updated on 21.10.2019

Here are a few recommendations from our partners and some of those who have been involved in our development and operation appreciate our help and believe in our work.

Bornean sun bear conservation centre (bsbcc)

Tanja Andersen is an animal lover who are willing to work hard for the welfare and future of the animals she work with. It is good to have her work with us as a volunteer four years ago and now she is taking the challenge to do more by setting up “Serve Global Wildife” to serve the animals she love so much. Keep up the good work Tanja!

From Wong Siew Te
C.E.O. and Founder
Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, 19 March 2017

We are proud to work with Serve Global Wildlife.  Tanja’s passion, enthusiasm and commitment to helping animals around the world is a model for other organizations to follow.

From Nancy Warren
Wolfwatcher, 19 March 2017


Zeehondencentrum pieterburen

We recognise Serve Global Wildlife as a great initiative where people that want to do good can find inspiration.

From Sander van Dijk
Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen, 17 March 2017

As a coach and mentor, I have worked with Tanja Andersen the past 2 years. I am really amazed by the progress she has made and how she uses her drive to create great results. Tanja knew from the beginning that success is not just about the right webpage and the right services, but also about her own mental strength and ability to keep going, even in tough times. Tanja has consciously decided to continuously strengthen her mental skills and to constantly improve her way of working. This is very admirable and I see this as a prerequisite for her success. Throughout our work I have seen Tanja succeed, fail (and learn) and she just keeps going. She listens to experts around her and at the same time she has an opinion of her own. As a final comment it is very inspiring to see and work with a person that is so clear on her purpose. She just wants to make a difference for wildlife and animal welfare. I am confident that she will make a huge difference globally.

From Tina Gaarn Christensen
Coach and mentor
Leadinspire, 16 November 2016


Tui nature reserve wildlife trust

We’ve been dealing with Tanja for a while now and I must say that I’ve never come across anyone who is more dedicated to serve wildlife. There should be a lot more Tanja’s around and the world would be in a much better state. She comes up with fresh new ideas and the motivation to carry it out. I would definitely recommend Serve Global Wildlife to people that would like to know more about volunteering in conservation.

From Ellen Plaisier
Tui Nature Reserve, 8 November 2016