Our values

Our planet would be a much poorer place without all the splendid and fascinating wildlife that share the globe with us. We firmly believe that to be true and are dedicated to helping wild life based on the following values:


We reward organizations that actually make a difference and treat animals properly and fairly. To Serve Global Wildlife, justice means moral, and proper behavior towards the animals and conducting daily affairs in a just fashion. Justice is also expressed in how we discuss and reflect on ideas and principles – both what has been done and what needs to be done. In short: Respect, Care and Equality.

Action oriented

Actions speak higher than words, and we are an action-oriented organization. Our action plan that is easy to access and ambitious and we are motivated to carry out the points contained in the plan. That is how to achieve results. Both the planning and execution requires self-esteem and the belief that they will succeed.


Climate change, deforestation, pollution, poaching, etc. The situation may look dire for wild animals around the globe, but we have chosen to take the positive, optimistic approach. We believe that by living our values, we can make a difference. So long as we remain curious and open to other and better ways of doing things, we can develop the kind of vision needed to save wildlife.


Authenticity is very important to Serve Global Wildlife. We do not compromise on honesty, loyalty or authentic leadership. When we are authentic, we encourage others to be the same, thus creating a higher degree of honesty and truth. Authenticity gives us credibility and integrity, which are important values ​​at Serve Global Wildlife.

Take a stand today to help the endangered wildlife!