Our history

Serve Global Wildlife started as a hobby project and grew to be something much larger and deeper. Allow us to tell a bit of the history of our development, starting with when our founder, Tanja Andersen, realized her purpose.

2013 – 2014

Founder Tanja Andersen heard shocking and unpleasant stories of organizations where to donations that they collected via their websites never made their way to the projects that were promised. She began her mission to support the organizations actually making a difference for wildlife and help them find more volunteers. After serving as a volunteer at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (BSBCC), she created the company Animal Keeper – Enrichment.

2015 – 2016

Tanja realised that she needed help and sought a mentor. Through the mentoring program, she was able to hone in on her purpose and identify the work that her heart was truly burning for. The brand ‘Serve Animals’ was created On 04/15/2015.

Serve Animals created awareness of what it is like to volunteer abroad and what the concerns had by volunteers. Sharing her own experiences led to rapid success on Facebook.

Serve Animals sought to develop a robust and solid network and start working relationship with the world’s best organizations working on the behalf of animals. We created close relationships with organizations around the world, helping Serve Animals both find our direction and to create the foundation of our work.

Serve Animals became a reality on 03/17/2016 when it became an association dedicated to serving both wildlife and natural world that surrounds them.


We decided that it was time to take Serve Animals to the next level. In order to create a movement, we need to create the change in the world that we believe many people long for; real environmental improvement and better conditions for wildlife. To spotlight this broader focus, we changed our name to something more global, Serve Global Wildlife, which better reflects our desire to be a platform to connect volunteers with the world’s best organizations.


Our founder spent a month at Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa in March. The foundation rescues Vervet Monkeys and places them on a 300 hectare preserve. At that time, the foundation was one of our NGO partners. However, the two organizations found themselves at odds over different values, and the manager of the Vervet Monkey Foundation chose to stop its collaboration with Serve Global Wildlife.

Here, Tanja Andersen discovered the true core of the difference that Serve Global Wildlife’s work can make for humanity, animals and the natural world. Real change is coming in 2019. Our founder will be more visible, brutally honest, fair, transparent and caring.

Serve Global Wildlife’s web presence was changed to a ‘.org’ in recognition of its status as a charitable organization. We have started three new blogs, one about how to serve animals, one about stewardship of the sea and the founder’s personal blog.

The founder made a choice to use the income from her full time job, focus on getting Serve Global Wildlife up and running, and create video emails while saying no to translating emails into English in the hope that she could inspire humanity to let go of perfection, because the animals need action now.

Through choosing to create e-mail videos, we developed new NGO partners and got in touch with other potential NGO partners and private individuals who want to be part of our work.


Tanja took personal responsibility and ownership of finding out what solutions Serve Global Wildlife could present for global warming, with her knowledge through six years in the field of fighting for the rights of wild animals, collaboration with NGOs, volunteers and from being a volunteer herself. Here she created the Serve Global Wildlife concept and allocation method of the Serve Global Wildlife funds. Ever since, Tanja has been very focused, so focused that she took the decision on April 21st, 2019 to sell ALL her belongings, to set herself entirely free for the Serve Global Wildlife concept and fight for the rights of wild animals.

From April 21st, 2019 till December 30th, 2019 Tanja has been focusing on selling ALL belongings, surrendering and letting go of all negativity from her past and given notice to drop her rented apartment. Tanja wishes to see mankind starting to serve animals rather than being controlled by their ego. She knew that for this to happen and become a reality, she had to be the change herself. Therefore, she sold ALL her belongings, since all change starts with one’s own self-development.

Serve Global Wildlife is a movement for people who are ready to DO something… 
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