Our goals

Updated on 09.03.2018

We are committed to grow our own knowledge base rapidly while at the same time learning from others. We are looking forward to becoming an approved association in 2019. Our three main areas of work are:

The volunteer life

  • Establishing a hotline that ensures private volunteers, funds and labor goes to the best NGOs, while ensuring quality advice for private volunteers and supporting them at home and abroad
  • Establish an educational platform for volunteers, creating guidelines, and informing them about voluntary life via workshops in Denmark
  • Examine different ways of being volunteers where we promote experience sharing through website and social media
  • Increase awareness of Serve Global Wildlife, ensuring that our online marketing and profile make us the recommended and preferred contact point for volunteers

  • Creating a common platform for NGOs around the world. We will raise awareness about the best NGOs and create financial security.
  • To help NGOs in getting “more hands” to do their work. We will work to connect NGOs to private volunteers through a database and set up a system of sending volunteers to approved NGOs
  • Become an agency for NGOs, using our experience to support their work
  • Building bridges between NGOs, giving them the opportunity to share experiences. We will facilitate the mentoring contact between the organizations

Wild animals, Climate and the environment

  • Establish nonprofit projects for NGOs and inspiration for living a sustainable lifestyle while providing effective solutions for the long-term protection of animal populations and their habitats
  • Create better local animal welfare traditions through information by ensuring sustainable tourism, raising awareness and education about the natural behaviour of wildlife. Consistently updating the latest information about wildlife and nature and encouraging the implementation of the Washington Convention as legislation
  • Create opportunities to get involved with Serve Global Wildlife, where we will share experience on how to start an NGO and share experiences about the volunteer life