Our goals

Updated on 07.09.2019

We are committed to growth, to learning from our network and to seeing the possibilities for creating extraordinary changes. We hope to create a foundation in 2021 where our NGO partners can seek funding. It would also be there to assist volunteers that would like to go to work at one of our NGO partners.

Our five key issues and development of our business. All our goals are not included as of yet. We need funding to translate the texts. To read more, click on the headings below

The operation of Serve Global Wildlife

  • To establish a fund where NGO partners who have agreed to a report and display transparency have the opportunity to apply for funding for their work and new projects. Private individuals and volunteers who wish to visit one of our NGO partners will also have the opportunity to apply for money for room and board. This will help us both ensure sustainable funding for our NGO partners and help get more hands to help them with their work. (year 2021)
  • To be the ‘go to’ contact/platform for NGOs, volunteers and sponsors that trust in our work and NGO partnerships. (2021)
  • To establish a Serve Global Wildlife.dk domain. (2021)
  • To create an app for our database. (2021)
  • To create five workplaces at SGW. (2022)
  • To create a membership contract. (2020)

The volunteer life

Education – Serve the Animals

  • To create an education for private persons and volunteers where they learn how to serve animals and make the changes in their lives that will inspire the people in their network to do the same. (2021)

Safety net

  • To create a hotline for those that want to become volunteers. To be there to help with planning and be a trusted contact while they are in the field to assist with any problems or changes that may arise. (2021)

Ambassador program

  • To create an SGW Ambassador team filled with those that burn to teach others how they Serve the Animals and are willing to volunteer to be sent by SGW to create reports for our new NGO partners. (2021)

Visiting NGOs

  • To visit for the first time 30 of the world’s best NGOs and create honest reports about their work and offer them a platform at serveglobalwildlife.org. (2021)
  • For sponsors to have SGW visit NGOs and create an honest report before they choose to support their work or create PR for their work. (2020)


  • Is that our agency inspire organizations to work together and develop strong relationships that result in shared knowledge, experience and support on a worldwide scale.
  • Is that our agency creates the plan and cooperation that can put an end to climate change.


  • Is that the database is user friendly and simple with the possibility to choose countries, types of animals, areas of work and more.
  • Is that the data base inspires others to choose cooperation and make suggestions that we can all use in our shared battle to stop the destruction of wild animals and the natural world, and in our fight against Climate Change.
  • Is that the database is the ‘go to’ sight for sponsors, organizations, businesses and private persons to visit and learn about an NGO BEFORE they support it with their time and/or funding.

Wild animals

Keep Wild Animals Wild

  • To creat clear animal rights traditions through information, raising awareness/education about the natural behavior of wild animals, ensuring updated information on wildlife and encouraging implementation of the Washington Convention into law. (2022)

Conservation center

  • To break ground on a new conservation centre for animals that need emergency help. (2022)

Climate and the environment

Serve Oceans

  • To create several events with the goal of removing deadly plastic and trash from the world’s oceans. (2020)

Serve Rainforests

  • To join with other organizations and NGOs working to save rainforests around the world. To create awareness about how they are being destroyed by our overconsumption of food, clothing and other products. (2020)


Sustainable tourism

  • To create awareness that the human race are tourists on the planet, whether we are at home or travelling, and that we must treat the earth with respect, compassion and attention.

Individual choice

  • To show people how individual choices, no matter how small they seem, cause damage to the planet and motivate them to take the personal responsibility to make better choices and make the changes they need to make.