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Updated on 28.01.2021

Even minor donations are important for our work. It is thanks to you, that we can focus on creating a fund in 2022, which will create economic stability for our NGO partners. Preserve large forest areas, establish preservation of a specific animal group and create training that will create the future’s ambassadors, who act actively as responsible tourists.

Your donation wil EXCLUSIVELY be spent on reaching our vision and goal. Please utilize the below form, where you can pay DIRECTLY into the Serve Global Wildlife bank account.


We need your support

Bank account: 5332 – 0000382045
IBAN number: DK6653320000382045
The banks address:
Arbejdernes landsbank
Søborg Hovedgade 193
DK- 2860 Søborg
VAT no.: 32387861


If you have any questions or wish to be our next sponsor, please contact us by phone on +45 4217 0029 or send an email to

INFORMATION ABOUT OUR CBR/VAT NO.: Serve Global Wildlife is owned by Wildlife Footprints. The Serve Global Wildlife CBR no. is connected to the Wildlife Footprints CBR no. Serve Global Wildlife has its own bank account, for payment of funds. Danish legislation allows only one CBR/VAT no. for a privately owned company. The funds in Serve Global Wildlife is EXCLUSIVELY benefiting our vision and our goal. Administration payments are conducted through Wildlife Footprints.