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Updated on 02.09.2019

Worldwide transparency concerning NGOs is needed so that potential sponsors make informed decisions about donations and potential volunteers can be secure that they are making the right choice. Together, we can stop global warming.

“Don’t tell me – Show me”

What are the problems?

The marketing used by some NGOs leads volunteers to believe that they will have close contact with the wild animals. The pictures they post show volunteers having fun, partying and taking selfies with the animals. Those pictures say much more than the well-known 1000 words. Some organizations do this because they lack money and labor. But showing the volunteers in such close and frivolous contact with the animals does not teach the much needed respect a volunteer needs to have to understand a wild animal as a wild animal.

Often the pretty marketing does not match the realities we find when we take a closer look. For example, the pictures won’t show the waste paper and plastic blowing all over the area operated by the NGO. They may have the commendable goal of buying 300 hectares to release wild monkeys, but reality does not match their values if they cannot keep their own area free of waste.

What are the challenges?

Potential volunteers receive inaccurate information via the NGO’s marketing. When they arrive to volunteer they find that it is not at all what they signed up for and they are not receiving what they were promised. It some extreme cases, they are even treated poorly while working at the NGO. Bad experiences discourage volunteers from ever trying to help again. Many volunteers are lost via this type of misinformation, and it’s hard to tell which organizations are being honest.

NGOs do not cooperate with others that they feel are competitors. This makes the fight to halt the global warming that is destroying the natural world even harder and the damage gets worse and worse every day.

Our solutions

We visit the NGO and check off the points from our ‘quality spread sheet’ that we see during our stay concerning transparency and honesty while we are there. If they meet our requirements, we will revisit in three to five years. We constantly update our information for potential volunteers and sponsors. This will help eliminate misunderstandings and create clarity. Through our collaboration, we will help the NGOs see where they might need help.


We help our NGO partners get ‘more hands’ via our sustainable projects and projects that we design specifically for them that make sense in their world. We hold their feet to the fire and motivate them to give back. We will supply potential volunteers through our ambassador program and work to bridge the gap between NGOs where experience sharing helps each NGO be its best. This agency has been created for NGOs in an effort to create greater unity between them.


Create a public platform of the world’s leading NGOs and volunteers that serve wildlife and nature, divided into the areas where they work: Animal welfare activism, conservation centers, nature reserve, rehabilitation centers, wildlife rescue centers, etc. The NGOs that have met our standards will receive our stamp. NGOs that do not meet our standards will not be included on the platform. Explanations about where they failed to meet our standards will be included in the database. This will help a potential volunteer choose the right NGO.

What can you do?


Hoping for a better life”: Created by Serve Global Wildlife on behalf of one of the world’s leading NGOs, the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (BSBCC). They lacked money to release the bears into the wild.

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