Our Impact

Updated on 26.05.2019

Here you can read about our five key areas and see how we create solutions. We are transparent when we work, even if it is sometimes not pretty.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We need to translate some texts for the changes in our work on the website, under the menu points: Our work: what, where, how and why. As well as our new goals and where we work outside the UN goals for sustainable development.

“A sincere love for animals and the wild, and enthusiasm for helping via your daily actions are all you need to make a vital contribution to the well-being and future of Mother Earth”

Volunteer life

Ambassador program

“I remember Tanja explaining to me her project. At first, I thought it was a crazy thing to do but not impossible. I was delighted to hear after years of perseverance, she achieved her goal!

When she asked me if I wanted to be part of it, I said yes with zero hesitation. We all need to take action, the world needs us to change, whether it’s cleaning our beaches/forests from garbage or raising environment awareness in our society or finding a substitute to all our plastic. That’s why I think that Serve Global Wildlife is a really effective way to raise environment and awareness and help people to find different centres/projects to help wildlife all around the world in a safe way.”

From Lucy Trallero
Ambassador, 2019

Security Net

Serve Global Wildlife offers a strong safety net and advice from someone working in the field for those who want to volunteer at an NGO. This will also help create more funds for the NGO. The overall results will help improve the NGO’s work in conservation, animal rights and ending habitat eradication.

Education for private persons and volunteers

Serve Global Wildlife educates both private persons and volunteers on how to become front runners via setting and achieving self-challenging goals. We instil them with the courage to look inward, and our mentoring helps improve and strengthen their commitment to living a life of constant change and growth and turning words into actions.

“She visits various organizations and writes positive and also negative things about them and then she recommends it to the other volunteers. And I was enchanted by this great idea. I think, that the personal view is really important in today’s world, because many volunteer organizations publish just the positives about them. Then you can be disappointed when you come somewhere, where it is not like you imagined and it can change you general view of volunteering.”

From Lucie Váňová
Ambassador, 2017

Teamwork key if the threats to wildlife are to be stopped. The more we stand together for the same purpose across countries and organizations, the stronger our message becomes. At the same time, the relationships create opportunities to share knowledge, experience, support and for each other through good and hard times. Unity demands: Openness, dedication, the desire to work together and a healthy working relationship.

“We are proud to work with Serve Global Wildlife. Tanja’s passion, enthusiasm and commitment to helping animals around the world is a model for other organizations to follow.”

From Nancy Warren
Wolfwatcher, 19 March 2017

Wild animals

Animal welfare

Serve Global Wildlife aims to create the ‘new tradition’ of returning animals to their natural habitat and educating people about their behavior. Their goal is to supply the insight that motivates people to wish to see animals back in their habitat, learn to respect their natural distance and ask themselves, “How would I like to live my own life trapped within these four walls?”

Sustainable projects

“We recognise Serve Global Wildlife as a great initiative where people that want to do good can find inspiration.”

From Sander van Dijk
Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen, 17 March 2017

Environment and climate

Serve Oceans

Although I always knew that people threw waste in nature, following our work on the beach, I was shocked at just how much waste we found. If more is not done, we could all soon be drowning in our own garbage. Events like this can help, but I was shocked and saddened to find out how disinterested some people can be about doing something good for the environment that we all use and live in. I found out this out the hard way during this Serve Oceans event, when I asked my own family and friends to lend a hand, and no one was interested in participating.

From Kasper Hermansson
Take part in the Serve Oceans project, July 2016

Serve Rainforests

Recognizing the need for a greater effort to protect the world’s rainforest. This requires more knowledge being shared about the damage caused by the palm oil industry and its products. We will work with our NGO partners and consumers in order to develop a framework for the long-term, sustainable management of the rainforest and its animal species.


Sustainable tourism

Serve Global Wildlife and our partners will work to teach those about to embark on a holiday what it means to be a sustainable tourist. We will engage communities in conservations about protecting forests, oceans and animals while still supporting the community and its livelihood.