How we use our funding

Updated on 26.04.2019

Where does the money we receive go?

Most of Serve Global Wildlife’s current funding comes directly from its founder, Tanja Andersen. She uses her salary as a lifeguard at a swimming pool and other money she earns as a part-time, self-employed person to fund SGW. She writes a personal blog at about her work with SGW, her personal life and her battle with repressed emotions.

We spotlight our transparency and authenticity by showing EVERYTHING: Services received, the price of that service, who we received services from and why we chose that person and paid that price. Also our contributions and our salaries. This can all be found at the end of the page under Distribution of Funds.

Distribution of donations

So we can deliver our best efforts now and in the future, we strive to keep SGW’s wages and expenses as low as possible.