How we use our funding

Updated on 06.10.2019

Serve Global Wildlife is a charity organization, and whoever works for Serve Global Wildlife, will ”ALWAYS” work unremunerated. If at any point someone is hired or contracted for any paid assignment, they will be remunerated through Why? Serve Global Wildlife; a Calling – not a Job.

Where does the funds come from? The funds come from, sponsors, donations, fundraising and memberships.

Tanja Andersen is very self-motivated, she makes all of the videos herself, uses texts that have been translated before in the past on social media, manages the website and blogs. We get help from our sponsor for designed images and updating the website’s themes and more.

How do you spend my donations?

Examples of finances

In order for us to deliver the best possible reliable results now and in the future, we want to expose all aspects of our yearly report on the NEWS page and we will disclose all details of the type and origin of all funds, from whom and for what projects they are dedicated.

Finances of Serve Global Wildlife are spent for:

  • Transport to and from our NGO partner
  • Funding stay at the NGO
  • Funding board and lodging at the NGO
  • Updating of relevant vaccines
  • Providing for appropriate workings clothes and first aid equipment
  • Providing electronic equipment in order to be able to deliver quality work
  • Traveling to visit NGOs to wee their outdoor area (content for the report)
  • Establish a foundation by 2022
  • Preserve large forest areas
  • Establish conservation activities for animals
  • Establish a training that creates the future’s ambassador, who will actively act as responsible tourists

Purpose of finances of Wildlife Footprints:

  • Continuing our active Serve Global Wildlife work and projects
  • Translations from Danish to English and Danish proof reading
  • Updating websites (SGW, SA and WF)
  • Being able to continue advertising
  • Creating valuable content on blog, newsletter, membership and social media
  • Purchase assistance for SEO, Google Analytics and Google AdWords
  • Purchase graphics and designed pictures
  • Hire external accountant and auditor
  • Remuneration of employees
  • Etc.

Text for the picture: Here you can see the cycle of funds of our work.


If you have any questions on how we spend our funding, please contact us: Phone: +4542170029 or send an email to

“We serve the greater purpose of giving back to the wild animals their legitimate right to live a life of peace free form the destruction of mankind. We can accomplish this by inspiring others to live in faith, no matter their personal crises, and to take responsibility for their actions”.