How we use our funding

Updated on 11.09.2019

The largest part of our funding comes from the founder of Serve Global Wildlife, Tanja Andersen. She uses both her full-time pay as a lifeguard and the money she earns through projects like her personal blog and her Facebook page, Tanja Andersen – Wildlife Footprints, to keep Serve Global Wildlife afloat.

In order to deliver our best and most credible efforts now and in the future, we strive to keep our expenses as low as possible and operate with transparency and authenticity while revealing ALL of our expenses. What we have purchased, from whom, the price and what we have received in contributions. This will all be available in our annual report and on NEWS.

Where does my money go?

In principal, our funding is focused on visiting our NGO partners and promoting them as a world leading NGOs for volunteers and assuring their total commitment to animal welfare and rights. Read More.

How do we use our money today?

Tanja Andersen is very self-motivated, she makes all of the videos herself, uses texts that have been translated before in the past on social media, manages the website and blogs. We get help from our sponsor for designed images and updating the website’s themes and more.

Future distribution percentages

  • 60 percent: Creates a platform to Serve Animals
  • 10 percent: Our five key issues
  • 30 percent: Information, education and ambassador program


If you have any questions, please contact us: Phone: +4542170029 or send an email to

“We serve the greater purpose of giving back to the wild animals their legitimate right to live a life of peace free form the destruction of mankind. We can accomplish this by inspiring others to live in faith, no matter their personal crises, and to take responsibility for their actions