Global animal agency

Updater den 17.03.2020

Our Global animal agency is created for the sake of animals. We understand that our NGO partner goes to agencies to get help, find volunteers and send them to the organization. Most agencies cost the volunteer a PART of extra money that could be spent on experiences, having a longer stay, having more stays or giving a donation to the organization. Our agency is FREE to use.

Impact for the animals

As a volunteer with our NGO partner, you will be trained in what it means to keep wild animals wild, illegal wildlife trade and do a job FOR THE BEST FOR animals. Working with a wild animal involves cleaning, feeding, enriching and observing the animals’ behavior and health. As well as personal development, then and fast out, that does not speak to them, do not touch them or take selfies.

What about hands on work? This is not allowed because the action is based on an egoic basis and against the best interests of animals. You can find many organizations where the work is done for you because hands on experiences sell. As well as finding organizations that are untrustworthy with their information. Choose to be the responsible volunteer by saying no to the illegal wildlife trade and choose an organization that serves the animals.

NGOs that serve the animals

We have been with our NGO partner and come there every 3 to 5 years, to update our information through our concept. Our agency takes in only a few NGO partners, because we value close collaboration with few rather than many. Click on the project you want to know more about and get all the useful information and our report on the organization.


I want to be a volunteer

What is my next step? Fill out the contact formula with whatever organization you want to reach and all kinds of questions are welcome. Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will respond to your need by email and gladly offer a Skype Call. When you are ready to find the date to go out as a volunteer, we will disconnect the volunteer coordinator from the organization in our email, which together will agree a date.

We look forward to hearing from you and gladly helping you down to our NGO partner in safe keeping and on the travel budget 😊

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