Get involved

You can be a part of the fight to stop the destruction of our precious nature and wildlife. Even the smallest involvement can have a huge impact in the end.

  • Together, we can protect and create new possibilities for our precious nature and wildlife
  • Together, we can build a bridge between conservation science and traditional knowledge
  • Together, anything is possible; We could even make 1 plus 1 equal 5!
  • Together, we can help good ideas from one society take root somewhere new, even half a world away
  • Together, we can use our united voices to create greater awareness and a better chance of securing a lasting future for nature and wildlife

Become a voice for those without a voice

You can make a difference, all you need to do is decide to speak up. There has never been a better time or place than right here and right now. Your help is desperately need by nature, wildlife and the world’s best organizations. Become a voice today.

Make your mark

It is an unpleasant truth that we humans are the biggest threat to our own planet. The good news is that it is also us who can make the significant changes needed to reverse the situation. It is our responsibility.

There are many ways to make your mark: You could become a volunteer, help spread the message, adopt an animal, donate to a centre, or simply make a change in your own life. Find out how and get information from the world’s best organizations below.

Different areas where you can make your mark:

  • Take action, protect wildlife
  • Stay informed and spread the word
  • Make a donation
  • Contact the organizations if…
  • Create a fundraising event

Take action, protect wildlife

Have the kind of experience that will last a lifetime. Get involved in the fight to give wildlife a better future. Thanks to you, thousands of wild animals will regain their freedom back and no longer be forced to suffer.

Unfortunately, many of the wild animals being rescued can no longer fend for themselves in the wild. This could be for any number of reasons: They may have injuries that will not heal, have become blind or crippled or are simply not heathy enough to return.

  • Become a volunteer or intern abroad
  • Create your own nonprofit project
  • Join Serve Global Wildlife
  • Be part of a team fighting for a better natural world and wildlife
  • Show your support by buying one of the organization’s T-shirts. And wearing it
  • Visit organizations that fight to preserve the animal population in the wild
  • Become an activist
  • Keep the oceans clean, minimize plastic waste, be careful what you wash down the drain and only consume seafood from truly sustainable stocks
  • Sign up as a volunteer at an organization in or near your hometown

Stay informed and spread the word

Become a voice for nature and wildlife.

  • Remember to travel responsibly with as little impact on nature and wildlife as possible. Read about traveling responsibly and wisely as a tourist
  • SUPPORT ANY FORM of wildlife work
  • Learn more about wild animals, their habitats and the issues relating to nature conservation, animal welfare and rehabilitation, etc.
  • Learn how to peacefully co-exist with wildlife that may appear in your area, backyard or along hiking trails
  • Being informed about local conservation efforts for wildlife issues and spreading awareness in your community is a huge help to the organization’s missions
  • Spread the organization’s message and tweet about it
  • Sign up for the organization’s newsletter
  • Follow and ‘like’ the organization’s page on social media
  • E-mail your friends and let them know about the latest news from the organization

Make a donation

Thousands of wild animals spend their lives in squalid conditions, confined in tiny cages or chained and being used for dog fighting, as tourist attractions, locked in factories or being shot for money. Illegal wildlife trade and poaching places additional pressure on a region’s wild life. Many species could be lost before they are even discovered.

Any gift you can give will help an organization give animals healthier lives and regain their rights. Organizations are dependent on the generosity of peoples and businesses that give animals a future.

  • Your family, business or class can adopt and learn more about an animal, which helps to cover an organization’s rehabilitation costs
  • Buy something from the shop on their website
  • Shop online at Amazon Smile or Miomojo
  • Donate to monthly veterinary and flea treatments, worming, vaccination and sterilization
  • Make a monthly donation to food, fruit baskets and honey
  • Donate so that the organization can start new projects like building swings, beds, pools or fruits in ice balls
  • Make a one-time donation
  • Sign a testimonial to an organization

Contact the organizations if …

Do not hesitate to contact the organization with information, ideas, questions or to make a donation or offer your creative skills. They appreciate any help you can give and are happy to hear from you anytime.

  • If you see illegal wildlife activities, poaching, wildlife trade, etc.
  • If you would like to help in any way and have new ideas
  • If you have any questions about their organization, nature, wildlife, how to help, etc.
  • If you would like to donate your old towels, shelves, chairs, etc.
  • If you would like to participate in the organization’s projects
  • If you would like to help find sponsors for the organization
  • If you would like to create images or copy for their work

Create a fundraising event

Use your energy to organize charitable events, challenge your creative skills, start your own fundraiser or join someone else’s fund raising effort.

Hold a fundraiser and support an organization that works on the behalf of animals with a focus on raising money for the organization.

  • Hold a lecture
  • Create a campaign
  • Hold an event at work, school, a business or a sponsors event
  • Help an organization with fundraising
  • Fund the overall development and operation of the company, as well as specific projects
  • Be part of the organization’s events