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Updated on 05.10.2020

We welcome all types of enquiries, questions, requests for assistance or comments, we would love to receive an email from you no matter what. Contact us by email on or fill in the form below. If your enquiry is urgent, please write URGENT in your subject line.

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Contact info

Serve Global Wildlife
4500 – Denmark

Phone: +45 4217 0029
Skype: serveanimals

INFORMATION ABOUT OUR CBR/VAT NO.: Serve Global Wildlife is owned by Wildlife Footprints. The Serve Global Wildlife CBR no. is connected to the Wildlife Footprints CBR no. Serve Global Wildlife has its own bank account, for payment of funds. Danish legislation allows only one CBR/VAT no. for a privately owned company. The funds in Serve Global Wildlife is EXCLUSIVELY benefiting our vision and our goal. Administration payments are conducted through Wildlife Footprints.

We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Many thanks from Tanja Andersen
C.E.O. and Founder
Serve Global Wildlife / Serve Animals / Wildlife Footprints

“The more we stand together for the same purpose across countries and organizations, the stronger our message becomes”