Serve Global Wildlife Conservation Planning

Updated on 18.03.2019

Here are the activities we have planned that are designed to help preserve Mother Earth’s wildlife and the natural world. Plans include events, projects, meetings and much more. Updates will be noted below, published on our social media and in our newsletter. We would like you to keep a close eye on our work, as we see each of you part of our team.

Our plan has been created via joint conversations with possible collaborators, NGO partners and using the goals we share with the work within Serve Global Wildlife. We are joining together to create a strong team working for the conservation of the creatures of Mother Earth.



Updated on 19.11.2018

14th and 15th March. – More text is on the way.


Updated on 18.03.2019

Lund Kattehjem is a private cat sanctuary for stray cats and kittens. The sanctuary is operated using private funding from the owner, donations and volunteers. The goal is to find a new home for every cat brought to Lund Kattehjem, and they work hard each year to beat their placement record from the year before.

We visit and make videos at the sanctuary. No, cats are not the type of wild animals that make up the bulk of the work done by Serve Global Wildlife, but our founder Tanja Andersen strives to help every animal that she can in her spare time, this growing her own knowledge and experience.


Updated on 06.11.2018

Yulin Dog Meat Festival: We are considering going to China and filming what really happens during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and joining with other protestors in London who are strongly opposed to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.


Updated on 06.11.2018

We plan to join the Oakland Zoo and others who report on their trip to ARCAS, where we will visit ARCAS two projects; The Peten project and the Hawaii project in Guatemala. We are already collaborating with ARCAS and we have discussed visiting them for quite some time. We would like to do it in conjunction with the Oakland Zoo, as they really strive to educate humanity about animals and nature and we want to gain more knowledge from people who have long been in the field.