Serve Global Wildlife Conservation Planning

Updated on 04.01.2021

Here are the activities we have planned that are designed to help preserve Mother Earth’s wildlife and the natural world. Plans include events, projects, meetings and much more. Updates will be noted below, published on our social media and in our newsletter. We would like you to keep a close eye on our work, as we see each of you part of our team.

Our plan has been created via joint conversations with possible collaborators, NGO partners and using the goals we share with the work within Serve Global Wildlife. We are joining together to create a strong team working for the conservation of the creatures of Mother Earth.


This Spring and Summer when Corona-19 has settled down, the Founder, Tanja Andersen will visit the True Nature Foundation. (One of Serve Global Wildlife partners). After her work in Guatemala  as a volunteer coordinator for ARCAS, it is her intention to take over for them.

They have agreed that she will take over for them in 2021 and help them design their volunteer program. For the past 7 years Tanja has volunteered in 8 different places around the world.  Because of this experience she networks with other volunteers to gain greater knowledge. The problem she often encounters is that volunteers often do not practice what they preach.

True Nature Foundation has projects in Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Spain etc. She will visit them all and make a report of each one.  The information she gathers will be shared to Serve Global Wildlife as well as the Academy of Animal Ambassadors.


Academy of Animal Ambassadors

Hello all you amazing people out there! My name is Tanja Andersen and I am a 33 year old woman from Denmark. I am authentic, honest and personal in ALL my work. I am the founder of Serve Global Wildlife which is an academy that educates people to to practice what they preach. Our climate and biodiversity are in a state of emergency and we need to take action to save it. To do this we have to disobey the norms and fight against injustice. We need to help the vulnerable (the animals). This can be done by returning their rights to them. This takes firmness, power and vulnerability.

The Academy’s goal is to bring full awareness and call on the people to make a change. The process will be challenging but will open the door to full awareness of humanity’s destructive daily habits. Allowing room to create new ones. The Academy calls on Integrity, Action Orientation, Cohesion and Optimism so that we can make an active choice to change.

Why? I see again and again that the actions of volunteers and NGOs are not related to their words in life or on social media. We talk about making a change in the world, and suppress that we will NOT personally work with our own psyche. How we think and what we do needs to change. We cause damage by repeating what doesn’t work. When our psyche is defined by being a victim, we will do harm in our actions. We do this because our brains need relief, this will happen unconsciously as well as consciously. Progress starts FIRST and foremost with ourselves.

“Lasting changes will only happen when I choose to be true to my own voice. This is my right. It is the voice for the animals’. The right to live a life of worthiness.”

What will the support mean?

That I can go all-in and dedicate my full workforce to creating and working purposefully with the Academy. The Academy will help to create a balance between humanity and the animal kingdom. I HAVE BET EVERYTHING, SOLD EVERYTHING. I have just returned to Denmark from being at ARCAS for 5 months in Guatemala. I am traveling again around February. I aim to have as few and low expenses as possible when I travel the world. The expenses are the ones I had in ARCAS. These are the expenses for each month:

  • Room and board: 19$ (120DKK)
  • Transportation (for the entire stay): 2450$
  • Internet: 32$ (200 DKK)
  • Translation from Danish to English: 1 DKK for one word, plus 25% VAT
  • The care of my two parrots: 318$ (2000 DKK)
  • Fixed expenses in Denmark: 247$ (1554 DKK)

Info from GoFundMe: The platform is free for organizers. Transaction fee is 2.9% plus $ 0.30 per donation.

What is my experience and knowledge?

I have been running Serve Global Wildlife for 7 years alongside my full time job since October 2013. I have 7 years experience in volunteer work at 8 different organizations. I am a trained animal caretaker specializing in zoo. I have various courses. I have a master s in coaching from Mindjuice, which is ICF certified, as well as various courses in personal self-development. I have turned my own BULLSHIT into my greatest driving force. I take responsibility and inspire 360 people annually by sharing my wisdom from my past struggles on Wildlife Footprints.

My purpose in the beginning was to find the world’s leading organizations containing animal rights. To find out whether an organization was good or not I went there and I participated. I noticed that many of the organizations did not live out their values. Here I could see that my abilities were best served if I trained them to practice what you preach…

Thanks for the support

Serve Global Wildlife’s work is also for YOUR MERIT, because I cannot create the Ambassador of the Animals Academy without you. As a thank you for your token amount, I will keep you updated closely along the way and put your name / company name on the Serve Global Wildlife website. If you want a thank you video, I will be happy to make one for you personally. Let us stand together in this movement to serve the animals, together we are stronger.

REMEMBER to write your email after the donation. Thanks.

All the best, Tanja Andersen – The founder of Serve Global Wildlife

”We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to action. That’s who we really are ”. – Sirius Black from Happy Potter