Serve Global Wildlife Conservation Planning

Updated on 15.04.2020

Here are the activities we have planned that are designed to help preserve Mother Earth’s wildlife and the natural world. Plans include events, projects, meetings and much more. Updates will be noted below, published on our social media and in our newsletter. We would like you to keep a close eye on our work, as we see each of you part of our team.

Our plan has been created via joint conversations with possible collaborators, NGO partners and using the goals we share with the work within Serve Global Wildlife. We are joining together to create a strong team working for the conservation of the creatures of Mother Earth.

February, 2020

Trip to ARCAS

ARCAS Wildlife Rescue Center in Peten

Located on the edge of The Mayan Biosphere Reserve (MBR) in the northern Petén region of Guatemala, integral part of the Mesoamerica’s Maya Forest. Which is the second largest remaining tropical rainforest in the Americas. The 13.3 million-acre forest stretches across Belize, northern Guatemala and through Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, is second only to the Amazon in South America.

In addition to an abundance of biological diversity, the MBR also contains a wealth of discovered and undiscovered Mayan archeological sites, the best known being the stunning temple complexes of Tikal. However, both these natural and archeological resources are under threat by a variety of factors including human immigration from other parts of Guatemala, illegal logging, oil exploration and the spread of the agricultural frontier.

One of the natural resources under the greatest threat in Peten is its wildlife, a victim of habitat loss, unsustainable hunting and capture for the illegal pet trade. The decline in local populations of wild animals is obvious and dramatic. The large noisy flocks of scarlet macaws (Ara macao) reported by early explorers have been reduced to just 300 birds primarily in the Laguna del Tigre Park.

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