Serve Global Wildlife Conservation Planning

Updated on 21.10.2019

Here are the activities we have planned that are designed to help preserve Mother Earth’s wildlife and the natural world. Plans include events, projects, meetings and much more. Updates will be noted below, published on our social media and in our newsletter. We would like you to keep a close eye on our work, as we see each of you part of our team.

Our plan has been created via joint conversations with possible collaborators, NGO partners and using the goals we share with the work within Serve Global Wildlife. We are joining together to create a strong team working for the conservation of the creatures of Mother Earth.



The Fox Project is a registered charity dedicated to the Red Fox

Established in 1991 as a specialist Wildlife Information Bureau and Fox Deterrence Consultancy, it has incorporated  a Wildlife Hospital since 1993 which, today, admits and treats around 800 foxes per year, including 250 cubs.



Optimization and retaining of volunteer involvement

A tool to optimize and maintain volunteer engagement

Dear you

My name is Tanja Andersen, I am 32 years old and a volunteer HR consultant for NGOs voluntary security expert and founder of the charity, (SGW). SGW is a platform where you can find transparent and credible information about the world’s leading NGOs, volunteer life, wildlife, climate and environment and tourism.

The tool is a report that I prepare after spending time with the NGO in question. The report ensures that the volunteer is taken care of optimally, both before, during and after staying with an NGO.

The concept will help the NGO to reduce voluntary labor losses when volunteers return to their everyday lives, through idea development as well as a support program for volunteers.

The purpose is that more volunteers and sponsors choose the NGOs concerned with their time and money, and more people make the choice to volunteer and be trained to be ambassadors of the future.

In addition, the report helps NGOs support the UN’s goals and gives credibility to their future volunteers and sponsors.

I am to have as little expense as possible, to work abroad and to use my network when it gets to busy around me. I am currently selling my possessions in Denmark as “free” as possible. The donations will enable me to prepare the report for the various NGOs and thereby raise awareness of SGW.