Become a sponsor and strengthen your brand via charitable work

Updated on 09.03.2019

Many people dream of being rich, but that is not our dream.

We are passionate about a cause that is greater than we are. We use our voice and influence to protect wild animals that suffer at the hands of humans; Animals facing extinction due to mistreatment.

If you wish to enter into an agreement or hear more about what we have to offer, you are more than welcome to contact Tanja Andersen at +45 42170029 or send an email to

We focus on high quality and value and seek to build strong relationships with all of our sponsors. Forging strong relationships give us the opportunity to jointly pursue what we feel is our generation’s most important task. It is up to of all us, otherwise Mother Earth will lose several endangered species. We believe we have a responsibility to create sustainable conditions for every form of life.

What it will take for Serve Global Wildlife to succeed in the fight against the injustice being done to animals is that advocates like us do not give up. But we cannot do it alone.

Building long-term relationships within the community creates opportunities to achieve extraordinary results and plan for the future. We would also very much like to discuss how we can create value for your company.


Any company or organization can sponsor Serve Global Wildlife and receive our Bronze Package. To receive our Silver Package, Gold Package and exposure, you MUST meet Serve Global Wildlife Standards for a collaboration.

We offer a number of sponsorship agreements that can be tailored to meet the needs of yourself and your organization. For example, your sponsorship could support a specific project we are working on or a specific journey to one of the world’s leading NGOs who partner with Serve Global Wildlife and who have earned our quality stamp. We are always open to discuss individual sponsorships.

Benefits of sponsorship

Use of our logo

Your company will have access to the Serve Global Wildlife logo. You can then display the logo to customers and other stakeholders in things like corporate emails. A Serve Global Wildlife sponsorship helps strengthen your company’s brand.

Your logo on Serve Global Wildlife’ website

Sponsors will have their own logo, name and a link to their website on

Diploma with company name

Your company receives a framed certificate with the company’s name and sponsorship year.

Social media exposure

Your company will receive complete social media exposure via Serve Global Wildlife Facebook and Instagram pages, the Serve Global Wildlife blog and the Serve Oceans blog. We can create text and promotions for your company, or you are welcome to supply your own. Timing and outreach will be mutually agreed on. We will ‘like’ your company on all relevant social media platforms. We ONLY like pages that we are partnering with.

Welcome to new sponsors in Serve Global Wildlife newsletters

New sponsors are welcomed to Serve Global Wildlife via our own electronic newsletter, our newsletter to organizations and our newsletter targeted to individuals and volunteers. The newsletters are delivered at least once per quarter, giving you an opportunity to include your message in three different newsletters; Serve Global Wildlife private members, volunteers and to the organizations we work with. We can discuss exactly how much exposure you would like to have.


Your company will have the opportunity to have an influence on Serve Global Wildlife, add content to the Serve Global Wildlife blog and our newsletter and social media platforms. Your company message and/or logo will gain exposure through videos, clothing, promotional materials, mutual branding and assistance during specific trips in which Serve Global Wildlife visits companies to give them our certification.

Together we can tell a good story, and your company can show what you support and stand for. Your logo can be placed on a poster that includes your message, which can be used for a myriad of purposes. Your logo can also be included on a t-shirt, which is appears prominently in videos made during visits to organizations. Every month, we assist with a nonprofit project being done by one of 13 different organizations. Each organization has its own purpose and you can be a part of their work at whatever level you’d like.

One presentation to your company

Tanja Andersen, the founder of Serve Global Wildlife, will visit your company to give a presentation on the founding and creation of Serve Global Wildlife. The one-hour talk traces the history of the organization’s passion to help animals and promote concerned businesses via sponsorships. The basic lecture lasts approximately one hour. If you want more information, it is possible to extend the lecture.


If you have any questions about our four areas, please contact us at: Phone: +4542170029 or send an email to