Membership in Serve Global Wildlife

Why does being a member make a difference? You will always be one of the people who helped create a platform (Serve Global Wildlife) which creates transparency around those NGOs the work with wildlife, volunteer life and the morals and ethics to Keep Wild Animals Wild with the least amount of contact possible with wild animals.

”We really need to step up our game. Many species are threatened and on their way to extinction. Organisations the world over are struggling to keep up. The numbers of lions, sharks, leopards, rhinos elephants and every type of ape have fallen by half in the past 25 years. It is everyone’s responsibility to strictly monitor what we support and buy. Those are the beginnings of processes that most of us do not want to see, because the truth hurts” – Tanja Andersen

Why only 100DKK / 15 dollars?  Serve Global Wildlife wants to do all we can to help everyone make more sustainable choices, and we want everyone to haver the chance to be a part of our efforts. Many people have to work extremely hard and do not have the opportunity to follow their dreams. We want to make that possible.

IMPORTANT: Our membership in Serve Global Wildlife will be done by the end of November.

What do you receive?

Standard membership

  • Your name on the webpage as one of the creators of the platform
  • Simple and easy tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle and improve the environment make a difference to the environment without it costing you more
  • Information on serving animals and how to inspire others in your network
  • Insight on the effects of your choices and how to make changes
  • Access to closed Facebook group
  • The possibility to blog at
  • Updates on how the work creating the platform is proceeding
  • Live chats with founder Tanja Andersen where you can ask any question
  • The possibility of online mentoring
  • New e-books when they become available
  • Our newsletter
  • Our online member magazine every February, which wraps up the year that has just passed and looks to the year ahead
  • News on the latest global trends that are showing positive results for animals and nature
  • Education on animal rights, morals and ethics
  • The chance to win the opportunity to travel with Tanja Andersen and work beside her at an NGO (Available in 2021)

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We realise that the cost of membership is greater in places where the value of the Danish kroner is high. If you live in one of those places, please contact us so we can work out a price that will allow you to take part in our work. We want everybody to be able to join us!

Memberships last one year. As the term of your membership is coming to an end, you will receive an email asking if you would like to continue, and your payment will be charged for the next year. Every bit of your payment is used to create the platform and the methods we use to Keep Wild Animals Wild. Read more click here!


If you have any questions, please contact our member services by phone at +45 42170029 or email at We look forward to hearing from you.