Academy of Animal Ambassadors

Updated on 06.01.2021

Everything starts with you FIRST, before you CAN FIGHT for animal rights and obtain the permanent change that you wish to see in the world, it is that simple. Unfortunately, EVERYBODY is wrapped up in polishing their image, because we don’t want to know reality and feel our bad conscience. Through this we chose to have a superficial life, strive for perfectionism and hide our mistakes, because we do not want to be unpopular. We allow irresponsibility by doing as usual and damage animals and nature.

We strive to make it clear for you with our Academy videos. Along the creation of these videos, we will divide them into categories. Thank you for your patience.

Work for the animals

We talk about making a change in the world, and forget that WE PERSONALLY don’t want to work with our own psyche. What we believe we do for change, we give back and damage again, it is a vicious circle, because we are unhappy consciously or unconsciously, and the work can start all over again. Progress ONLY happens when we chose to be the change our selves. Examples of people who say they do their best for the wild animals:

  • ”I have paid a lot of money to be here, so I have the right to touch the wild animal”
  • ”It is okay that I touch the wild animal now, that it is going to be released back into the wild”
  • ”The wild animal put its paws through the cage, so it was just mutual affection that I touched it back”
  • ”When the organization does not know that I touch the wild animals, it will not do any damage.”

”We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to action. That’s who we really are”. – Sirius Black from Happy Potter


Serve Global Wildlife Academy is a no BULLSHIT academy, and we train people to practice what they preach and it is VITAL do what is best for the animals, when we sincerely want to preserve the animal kingdom in nature. The Academy calls for Integrity, Action, Unity and Optimism, in order to make an active choice to make small changes, because THEY are the ones that will lead to the important global change. Our Academy creates the ambassadors of the future, who act consciously as a responsible tourist.

Keep the WILD in Wildlife

Her are our Academy videos. Our motivation to act comes from the lack of material and through our seven years of experience in the field. If you feel that a certain subject needs to be covered, we would very much appreciate you contact us directly by e-mail Thank you.