• Serve Global Wildlife; a Calling – not a Job

About us

Updated on 17.03.2020

We train people to practice what you preach through our Animal Ambassador Academy. Our Academy is a no bullshit training and will challenge your conscience. The Academy will awaken your body for a new consciousness of your personal usual habits, through the reactions that you will experience. This will create an opening for working with the lack of responsibility that lies within these reactions, and it will create new possibilities for our habits. We are authentic, honest and personal in ALL our work, because this is an EMEGERNCY.

Our greatest goal is to create a fund by 2022, that will create a training program for the futures’ ambassadors who take action as responsible tourists. Preserve large forest areas and create preservations of an animal group. Serve Global Wildlife is based on voluntary work EXCLUSIVELY and ALL donations and income go SOLELY for the purpose of our goal.

Why the concept of leading NGO?

The organizations we cooperate with, we call the world’s leading NGOs, because they are open and willing to see new possibilities for an innovative cooperation and they acknowledge the importance of interdependency. They have high standards with regards to animal rights and create the future’s ambassadors, that acts actively as a responsible tourist, and maintain excellent conditions for their volunteers and make animal rights their highest priority.