• Serve Global Wildlife; a Calling – not a Job

About us

Updated on 16.01.2020

SGW training has its focus on charity and teaching people how to put words into action, take personal responsibility, and become an action taker. We stand for honesty, individuality, authenticity and for being transparent about NGOs, volunteer life, wild animals, climate, environment and tourism. SGW is EXCLUSIVELY volunteer work and ALL our donations and income is spent SOLELY on reaching our vision and goal.

Our most important goal is to create a foundation by 2022, which will create financial stability for our NGO partner. Preserve large forest areas, establish conservation activities for animals and establish a training, which creates the future’s ambassadors, who actively acts as responsible tourists.

We travel to the NGOs as volunteer HR consultant for the NGOs and we are security experts on the volunteer activities. We will offer a concept, that will optimize and maintain the commitment of the volunteers, produce a report by the end of the visit, which will diminish the loss of volunteer labor, when they go back to their daily life, through idea generation and a support program for the volunteers.

We serve the animals and will ALWAYS prioritize wild animals over ourselves, and DO the best thing for the wild animal’s natural behavior, and disregard the needs of a person, if this does not comply with the needs of the wild animal, and we can at any point in time conclude any collaboration. We are their warrior and we will fight for them, as we would want others to fight for us and with the mind set of an EMERGENCY SITUATION.

Why the concept of leading NGO?

The organizations we cooperate with, we call the world’s leading NGOs, because they are open and willing to see new possibilities for an innovative cooperation and they acknowledge the importance of interdependency. They have high standards with regards to animal rights and create the future’s ambassadors, that acts actively as a responsible tourist, and maintain excellent conditions for their volunteers and make animal rights their highest priority.