• Serve Global Wildlife; a Calling – not a Job

About us

Some people dream of great wealth. That is not our dream. We burn for something much larger than ourselves. We want to use our voice and our influence to protect wild animals that are suffering at the hands of humanity and face extinction do to our poor treatment. We work to protect and improve conditions for wildlife in their natural habitats. That is the purpose of Serve Global Wildlife.

Serve Global Wildlife is a global platform for the world’s best organizations. Here are a few of the projects that we are currently working with.

  • Everyone at Serve Global Wildlife is on equal footing.
  • We promise to write only authentic, sincere and honest texts.
  • We travel and give our stamp of approval to new NGOs that maintain the best conditions for their volunteers and where the welfare of animals is their top priority. Following our stay, we provide information to potential volunteers. We do what we do because, sadly, there are some NGOs who do not provide honest information about where funds are used, what the money goes to, whether the animals are being released, your experience as a volunteer, and if volunteers are used for profit, etc. Those NGOs do not become part of our platform. We help private persons/volunteers connect with the world’s best NGOs, those that we have visited. We connect NGOs and volunteers with each other and vice versa.
  • We get involved with projects at the NGOs we visit and help with financial support so they can continue their work through our platform.
  • We have thoroughly tested the projects and the information we provide, and we deliver factual information.
  • We train private persons/volunteers and provide them with the information they need to plan their own stay abroad. We do this because we do not believe that it should be necessary for volunteers to be forced to use and agency to find a position. We also volunteer opportunities.
  • We inspire and help mankind to understand the importance of careful action and attention to the details, because small changes can result in a big difference. We want to be a role model for those that wish to do the right thing when it comes to wildlife.

Serve Global Wildlife; a Calling – not a Job