A lifegoal changing

Personal story from Tanja Andersen, the founder of Serve Global Wildlife: If I chose to listen to the persons leaving their own fear and restrictions on me, would I be happy today then? Would I have known what to do with my life? Would I really have taken my own life?

October 2013, I contacted my goal for life. Serve Global Wildlife! Fighting for the rights of wild animals. Only to focus on the animals, finding the best organizations in the world, promote them, and talk from the we-language in EVERY work. The truth was, that I places others before my own wish, and I suffered inside. I was unhappy. How would I then know what to do with my life? I was NOT my values! 2013, was the start on something bigger, which was going to appear in April 2019.

Never give up!

I defied everything, travelling to Bornean, Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in 2013! Bad English dropped my pills from one day to the other. Nearly everybody told me to stay at home, and that I had unrealistic dreams, saving the wild animals. I didn`t want to end up like my father, being on pills and suicidal. I wanted to live through my dream to experience the jungle, so that is what I did!

I started Serve Global Wildlife in October 2013, after seeing a sun bear, Gutuk. Looking into his blind eyes, bad skin and a crippling body, after sitting in a too little cage, which a human gave him. A violent energy pervaded my whole body, it stretched out, and I was ready to go fighting for animals rights, standing in front of the queue, and be their voice.

My crisis gives me the strength to fight every day! There have been times, where I`ve distanced from my lifegoal, and I always stood up again, stronger than before, to step into character. Tourists will pay to be closer to a wild animal, and they will attack their conflicts, because the ego doesn`t want a bad conscience knowing, that they have just supported slavery and rude animal abuse.

STOP! Choose life!

I won`t offer pain to the ones I love, as I experienced, when my father took his life in 2006, lost, and in pain. That feeling was so cruel, and I felt so powerless and ignorant in those, many years. How could he do this to me? I actually first understood him, why he did it, after being close taking my own life. I felt as the BIGGEST MISTAKE, so why not ending my life? I did people a favour, I thought.

I promised my mother to ask the doctor for help, and I did. They turned up a book and told me the mentally illnesses I had. I came out with personal disturbance and PTSD. I was named seek, and pills were the only way out. I chose to do what felt right. To stop!

I chose to be my own miracle!

I said stop to be in progress in psychiatry for mentally disturbance, and at 21.04.19, I chose, that my life needed a 360 degrees turn. I chose to sell everything I owned, to travel into the world finding myself, foothold that woman I saw in the mirror every day, who was hiding inside my body. I needed to be my own miracle, before I could fight for animal rights.

I stopped looking for a person to mirror in, to find myself through that person. All I needed, I already had, because its inside myself. I needed to take the biggest responsibility to be happy. This was my way out. A wish to end my life.

Through the process 21.04.19 until 30.12.19. was the wildest cleansing of my life. I had quitted my job, apartment, and I had 6 plastic boxes left, containing my home from an 58 sq.m. apartment.

I found out, that my stuff contained so much pain, and because I let it all go, I released an energy, that I had never felt before. I became my own miracle and happy, because I got room to love myself for who I am and has been, and how my body looks. This is thanks to 21.04.19, where I chose myself FIRST before others, because I am the most important in my life.

” I can’t help another living being, if I myself is a living dead”!

Leadership makes miracles

In Wildlife Footprints, I am today the miracle of 365 persons a year. I honest, authentic and personal share my crises, which I’ve turned to Wisdom, because it is an EMERGENCY!  I am vulnerable  and firm, I am the person in my 27th year, and I needed exactly a person to take leadership in her communication, by talking from me-language, and sharing those feelings, that most people would hide.

Serve Global Wildlife, became an education: I educate people to practice what you speak about through Academy of Animal Ambassadors. Academy is no bullshit and will dare the conscience and wake up the body to a new consciousness on personal habits through the reactions to come. This will create the possibility to work with missing responsibility being in the reaction, creating new habits.

Thank you for reading my personal blog post about my hiding behind Serve Global Wildlife. What are you hiding behind, that you need to take responsibility for, to be able to LIVE your own life? STOP living by others expectations from you!

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