360 restore nature projects

Updated on 14.05.2020

There is still time for nature to restore itself if we allow it. We believe that the possibility lies in choosing to be imperfect. The animals need us to take action on our words NOW, as the time is NOT to wait for us to take action only when our hair sits well, the clothes match and we have the answer to EVERYTHING as the threats get bigger for each day. Action is needed now, even though we don’t know how.

If you have an idea for one or more projects and would like to further develop it in collaboration with us, you are more than welcome to write to us at contact@serveglobalwildife.org. We are constantly updating our projects on social media.

360 options

360 restore nature projects purpose is to inspire you in action NOW so you become “practica what you preach”. The projects are imperfect, authentic, honest, personal and are based on a basic living foundation. EVERYTHING starts with yourself first, before you can be supportive of another living being, therefore personal self-development is included in our projects. Below you can see some of them.