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Welcome to Serve Global Wildlife

We educates private individuals and NGOs to be what you preach

Our greatest goal is to create a fund by 2022, that will create a training program for the futures’ ambassadors who take action as responsible tourists. Preserve large forest areas and create preservations of an animal group. Serve Global Wildlife is based on voluntary work EXCLUSIVELY and ALL donations and income go SOLELY for the purpose of our goal.

360 restore nature projects

There is still time for nature to restore itself if we allow it. We believe that the possibility lies in choosing to be imperfect. The animals need us to take action on our words NOW, as the time is NOT to wait for us to take action only when our hair sits well, the clothes match and we have the answer to EVERYTHING as the threats get bigger for each day. Action is needed now, even though we don’t know how.

If you have an idea for one or more projects and would like to further develop it in collaboration with us, you are more than welcome to write to us at tanja@serveglobalwildife.org. We are constantly updating our projects on social media.

360 options

360 restore nature projects purpose is to inspire you in action NOW so you become “practica what you preach”. The projects are imperfect, authentic, honest, personal and are based on a basic living foundation. EVERYTHING starts with yourself first, before you can be supportive of another living being, therefore personal self-development is included in our projects. Below you can see some of them.



“Serve” in “Serve Global Wildlife” indicates that humanity has a duty to serve wildlife and nature, and through active support and support ensure that biodiversity and natural habitats are affected as little as possible by human presence.



Background: There are habitats that can withstand the presence of humans. We have a responsibly however to ensure that our impact on nature is minimal. This applies not only to tourism and direct visits, but to maintaining sustainable behavior in terms of consumption of products coming from fragile environments.



Our vision is a world where we live in symbiosis with wild animals and nature, where we as a community reduce the threat of more endangered species, reduce unnecessary burdens on nature and work to try to be a benefit to species other than ourselves.