Welcome to Serve Global Wildlife

We will create better and sustainable conditions for wild animals and nature in cooperation with private volunteers and non-governmental organizations

The Concept

How we work in SGW?

Our most important goal is to create a foundation by 2022, which will create financial stability for our NGO partner. Preserve large forest areas, establish conservation activities for animals and establish a training, which creates the future’s ambassadors, who actively acts as responsible tourists.

The picture illustrates our work and activity concept in Serve Global Wildlife, which we offer to the NGO that wish to create a partnership and want us to visit them.

“Serve” in “Serve Global Wildlife” indicates that humanity has a duty to serve wildlife and nature, and through active support and support ensure that biodiversity and natural habitats are affected as little as possible by human presence.

Background: There are habitats that can withstand the presence of humans. We have a responsibly however to ensure that our impact on nature is minimal. This applies not only to tourism and direct visits, but to maintaining sustainable behavior in terms of consumption of products coming from fragile environments.

Our vision is a world where we live in symbiosis with wild animals and nature, where we as a community reduce the threat of more endangered species, reduce unnecessary burdens on nature and work to try to be a benefit to species other than ourselves.